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Congratulation to Caroline Black and Jayc Waller for graduating with their Master's of Science in Spring semester

On June 22nd, we celebrated Jiwasmika's successful dissertation defense. This will be our lab's second Ph.D. student to complete their program. Congratulation Jiwasmika!


Proud moment for the lab. Karishma Bisht, today became the first student from the lab to graduate with a Ph.D.! She gave a fantastic defense talk via Zoom on the 25th of June. We are super proud of her and she has certainly set a high bar for future Wakeman Lab graduate students. Congratulations and we wish her the very best for her postdoc research at Princeton University!


Dr. Wakeman is the guest editor for a special issue of Pathogens MDPI focused on “Microbial interactions during infection” . Submit to this special issue folks. It is a very fascinating topic. 


Finally we have a new lab logo designed by Karishma Bisht, a PhD student in the lab. We all love it.

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